Discover, Embrace & Fulfill Your Unique Life Purpose or Train to Help Other Women Discover & Fulfill Theirs!


For anyone who is longing to know what their purpose in life is, where their life should be going, and how to get there, Melissa is most certainly perfectly qualified and passionate for the job!  She is a confidante, a coach,  a sensitive and  understanding listener, and a powerful woman of God! The Lord used Melissa to reveal things to me that I did not expect.  Melissa was sensitive and listened to His leading and prompting, she was patient, insightful, encouraging, and most of all, she made me feel that I was in a very safe place.
~Kelley W., Los Angeles, CA

Before I started working with Melissa I was frustrated, dissatisfied and in general felt I lacked purpose.  It was a real struggle getting through the days because I was often exhausted and disillusioned.  I was constantly busy but couldn't quite see how I fit into the picture of life. 

I had always wanted to be a recording artist and also write books. Melissa helped me to turn the dreams and ideas inside me into practical manageable steps that I could take.  I needed someone with insight and wisdom to question and challenge me and bring out what had become buried treasure!

I have now decided to pursue music full time! Working with Melissa was life-changing and I totally recommend it for anyone who is at a crossroads in life.  I now know what I am meant to be doing and finally see a more fulfilled destiny.
~ Delyth H., London, UK

Melissa is an active listener and is able to look deeper than what is shown on the surface. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is interested in Life Purpose Coaching. She is always willing to go that extra mile and has made an amazing impact on my life. Her abilities as a coach go much further than simple coaching, they stem from deep within, with a genuine care for me and about seeing my life flourish and about me finding my purpose.

With Melissa’s guidance, God has confirmed, on numerous occasions, what He wants me to do to become the person He created me to be. Melissa has been compassionate and sensitive, yet strong enough to guide me and encourage me to put steps into place so that I grow spiritually, emotionally and physically.
~ Jani M., Brussels, Belgium

The experience was beyond comprehension. Things that came to light were just… (Too many and too awesome to mention in this brief endorsement). Melissa made me feel really comfortable and was really patient with me. She did everything to make me feel pampered and comfortable. I really appreciated the added effort - it showed me that she actually does care and that I am not just ‘another client.’ When Melissa and I discussed the goals section, I felt like she was really going the extra mile for me, because she knew how much this meant to me. I really appreciated the fact that she was well read and when things did not go according to plan, she adapted to my needs. For me that spoke volumes. I know that weekend was God anointed, just by the lessons learnt…
~ Tanusha N., London, UK

My Life Plan with Melissa turned out to be one of the defining moments of my life! Melissa is such a delight!  She is a great conversationalist, understanding the fine line of being a superb listener and asking or encouraging at precisely the right moment.  Melissa is extremely resourceful, professional without being stuffy and a great inspiration to me. What is particularly exciting to me is that Melissa trusts the Holy Spirit completely in the process and I never felt it was about getting through the program.  She has been instrumental in helping me get unstuck and seeing a new part of God’s vision for my life. 
~Bianca S., Durban, South Africa

At times I felt it very hard to put what I was feeling into words, but not once did Melissa rush me, judge me or let me get away with any easy answers. She was very patient with me allowing me to be more open and share my heart. She always challenged me to think deeper and continue to seek God's truth in everything. As a result, I have been challenged to pursue the desires of my heart which have been hidden away for a while and align my passions with my purpose. This was truly a rewarding experience. Melissa is an incredible life purpose coach!
~Aimee M., Auckland, New Zealand

When I started working with Melissa, I was questioning the calling on my life to be a public speaker, but working with her reaffirmed that speaking is my desire, my gifting and that the experiences in my life have been and are preparing me for opportunities to speak. Working with Melissa gave me hope and helped me to refocus. Melissa was patient and supportive, asked the hard questions and pointed out important things. Coaching with Melissa is an uplifting and empowering activity, time truly well spent, especially as it was with such a vivacious, caring and Godly woman.
~Kelly V., Tauranga, New Zealand

The experience gave me a chance to look more in depth into God's purposes for my life. I know why I am here-to be salt and light-but how would that play out? I wasn't so sure. After the Dream Team group coaching and study, I am equipped with the ability to think, plan, pray and dream about how I can live my life to the fullest. Melissa's encouraging words and thoughtful insight added to the group dynamic and furthered us all along in our journeys. Doing this with the other girls was impacting in itself. We laughed, we cried, we ate a lot...but most of all we developed close friendships and were able to help each other dream bigger. I recommend this for anyone who is in need of direction.
~ Michelle P., London, UK

Past Workshop Participants
Melissa is very expressive, encouraging, inspiring. She doesn't let you get away with "pat" answers. The Life Purpose workshop allowed me to share what I'm going through at the moment - it has truly been a word in season and a real encouragement. I'm coming away with a good kick in the pants to do what God has gifted me to do. I'm gonna go for it!
~Amy S., Auckland, NZ

Melissa is an encouraging, woman of God, skilled and a great listener. I loved the relevant teaching, easy flowing facilitation and interaction among the participants. It was a comfortable, safe place that allowed us to discover hidden dreams and go there together.
~ Megan A., Auckland NZ

Melissa was a good communicator, allowing and encouraging others to participate. She provoked thought and reflection about what we are currently doing in our lives.  The workshop was interactive, refreshing and informative. For me this was a wake up call - what I need to do and actions I need to take to do God's work faithfully without fear.
~Louise A., Auckland NZ