Discover, Embrace & Fulfill Your Unique Life Purpose or Train to Help Other Women Discover & Fulfill Theirs!

For Individuals

You're Here Because You Want to:

* Become inspired
* Discover your direction
* Begin to believe in yourself
* Stop making excuses
* Find and create opportunities
* Get moving and stay moving
* Find yourself in a place you never dreamt possible
* Live a life you love that makes a difference!

Life Purpose Discovery Coaching
This 12-week package is for you if you want to discover how to connect your to-do lists (your daily mini-purposes) with your passions (interests and abilities) with God's purposes for your life (living holy, with gratitude, joy and service). This is done through a series of 50 minute weekly conversations, over the phone or in person, using the book, Conversations on Purpose, by Dr Katie Brazelton. You will come away from your discovery time with not only a clear life direction, but you will have also already taken steps toward fulfilling your vision. Consider continuing the momentum with Ongoing Life Purpose Fulfillment Coaching.

2 Day Breakthru Facilitation
This retreat-styled, intensive 2-day Facilitation uses the one of a kind "Your Life on the Movie Screen," life planning tool. We will take two days away to explore your past and present defining moments, your talents, abilities and spiritual gifts and discover or confirm God's direction and purposes for your life. You will come away from our time together with a holistic Life Purpose Plan outlining goals and action steps to propel you towards your vision, for every area of your life, including career, ministry, finances, relationships, etc.

Ongoing Life Purpose Fulfillment Coaching

Your course is set. You know where you're going. But you have big dreams that seem so overwhelming or you find it hard to keep up the momentum on your own and you could really benefit from the on-going support.  You don't have to go it alone! Take advantage of a one on one coaching connection for a minimum of three months. Many times, clients use these times together on a project by project basis, depending on the vision God has given them for their lives. (For example, get a book written, a cd recorded, a business or ministry started, etc.) Whatever you're trying to accomplish and overcome, we will work together three times a month. Unlimited emails answered within 24 hours. 

Life Purpose Coach Training

You are an encourager by nature. You enjoy seeing people light up as they tell you about their dreams or receive a revelation from God about His will for them. Your heart's desire is to help them connect with God’s vision and unique purpose for their lives while supporting them to live with passion, purpose, gratitude, and joy . . .

Did I just describe YOU?

As an Instructor for Life Purpose Coaching Centers, Intl®, I would love to train you to fulfill your dream of coaching other women towards discovering and fulfilling God's purposes for their lives.

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