Discover, Embrace & Fulfill Your Unique Life Purpose or Train to Help Other Women Discover & Fulfill Theirs!

About Me

Melissa Williams, MA 
I'm totally passionate about seeing women dream BIGGER, fall madly in love with their Creator and embrace the vision and life mission that He destined especially for each one, in this season they find themselves in. There is NO ONE else on the planet who can do what you do in the way God designed you to do it. Know that . . .

As a certified Life Purpose Coach, 2-Day Breakthru Facilitator and Breakthru Intensive Coach, I help women discover and live out their unique, God-given life purposes. I would love to walk alongside you as we uncover the dreams God has placed in your heart and see them fulfilled by creating an action plan that really works!

As a certified Coach Instructor for Life Purpose Coaching Centers International, I train women who desire to help others by becoming a certified Life Purpose Coach.
  • M.A. in Pastoral Ministry
  • Certified Life Purpose Coach & 2-Day Breakthru Facilitator
  • Certified Life Purpose Coach Instructor
  • Certified Career Management Coach
  • Certified Leadership & Talent Management Coach
  • Trained Creativity Coach
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I love God (!), I love love (!), community, travel, acting on stage and in film, singing, writing, reading, coaching, languages, learning, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, good conversation, pizza, ice cream, etc., etc., ad infinitum!