Discover, Embrace & Fulfill Your Unique Life Purpose or Train to Help Other Women Discover & Fulfill Theirs!

BreakThru Intensive

"Do you feel like your gifts, talents and time 
are being wasted in your current job?
Do you want a JUMPSTART to figure out 
what you should be doing so that you can 
create a life you love and make a unique difference in the world?"

Breakthru Intensive 
During our virtual 1/2 day Private Intensive I'll help you:
  • Finally leave the crossroads you've been standing at for who knows how long (a YEAR or more maybe??)
  • Discover your next direction, one that gives you excited butterflies in your tummy because it's so in line with who you are and what you want out of life (Don't worry if you don't really know what you want out of life - you will when we're done!)
  • Create a totally do-able plan that will move you along your new path

Breakthru Follow-Up & Strategy
You started out super inspired about the plan you have to move yourself along in your new direction, but your old life took over and your new life slipped lower on the priority list. Don't let that happen!

In these tri-monthly private sessions I will:
  • Encourage and motivate you, and keep you accountable while you work on the goals in your plan
  • Strategise with you new action steps as the ones you've been working on come to an end (or a dead end)
  • Make sure you make progress and see the change you've been longing for!