Discover, Embrace & Fulfill Your Unique Life Purpose or Train to Help Other Women Discover & Fulfill Theirs!

For Groups

For Groups:
"DREAM TEAM" Life Purpose Coaching
Using Katie Brazelton's best selling book, Pathway to Purpose , you will discover how to connect your to-do lists (your daily mini-purposes) with your passions (interests and abilities) with God's purposes for your life (living holy, with gratitude, joy and service).  Over ten weeks you will forge new friendships or deepen existing ones as you walk the "Pathway to Purpose" together.

"DREAM TEAM" Character Makeover
It has been said that your gifts and dreams are nothing if you don't have the character to sustain them. Through eight weeks of group coaching around areas such as HUMILITY, COURAGE and CONFIDENCE, etc., you will deepen your character as you identify and remove strongholds that might be keeping you from fulfilling God's purposes for your life.

"DREAM TEAM"  Braindance Party
Two heads (or five or ten!) are better than one at this motivational mixer. Come with a seemingly out of reach dream or tough goal and through coaching and group brain-storming, you will leave with a new sense of hope and determination, as well as an action step or two to get you moving.

For Women's Groups and Ministries
If you're a Women's Group or Ministry Leader looking for something new for your group that's life changing and fun, consider the above DREAM TEAM programs. I would love to consult you on  incorporating them into:
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Special Events (brunch, evening meeting, etc.)
  • On-going ministry programs